Notaries And Bureaucracy:

As you no doubt know, a Notary is an important part in the house buying procedure, as it is he/she that checks out the provenance of the property, any outstanding mortgages or debts, and acts on behalf of both the buyer and seller for the satisfactory conclusion of the deed of sale. It is important that a Notary is practical in dealing with foreign clients and their requests. With the recent changes in the laws about the declared value, and the proposed changes to the capital gains tax laws, it is also vital that your Notary is up-to-date with all the regulations to help you to the best advantage. An average Notary fee is around €1700-2000: this varies on the deed of sale to be drawn up, the value of the property etc.
We collaborate with a number of Notaries, and our clients have been extremely satisfied with their thoroughness, understanding and patience!
We will help you sort out all the red tape, documents and certificates necessary during all the buying process, and beyond (land and real estate registry documents, ‘codice fiscale’, ‘permesso di soggiorno’, utility connections, the local council tax ICI, request for residency).