Planning Your Visit:

Whether you’re planning your first trip to the Marche or you’ve already been here before, we can help you with the organisation of your visit.
We can recommend and book everything from B&Bs to five star hotels, from campsites for the adventurous to luxury villa rentals for a longer stay. We can organise different itineraries around the Marche, where you can take in the many things the region offers - the beautiful beaches, skiing in the mountains, nature walks, sightseeing, local festivals and feasts, wine-tasting, shopping in the factory outlets and so on. This will enable you to get a feel for the different areas and help you decide where you’d like to buy your home. We also offer an airport pick up/drop off service. Please contact us for details.


The Marche is served by two airports, Ancona, to the north of the region, and Pescara, to the south in Abruzzo. They are just off the main A14 motorway, and easily reached from most locations with a 60-90 minute drive. All the major hire companies are present at the airports, though it’s probably best to book in advance during peak periods. The rail services in the region are pretty good, with direct trains to Bologna and Milan in the north, Bari in the south and connections to Rome from Ancona. The best way to travel round the Marche is naturally by car as this will give you the freedom to explore and stop wherever and whenever you feel like it.

When to visit

It really is difficult to say the best period to visit the Marche as so much depends on your personal choice and the region offers so much at different times of the year. Spring is pleasant with mainly warm temperatures and sunny days. Summer is obviously hot, though evenings can be a lot cooler in the mountains and this year August was a bit of a disaster with lots of storms! Autumn is lovely, with the changing colours in nature and a calendar full of local feasts and festivals. January and February are the months most at risk of snow and ice, so if you do plan to go to the mountains at this time, snow tyres or chains are obligatory and, often, necessary!